Some Chicago neighborhoods don’t feel safe anymore

In an article written in the Chicago Tribune, columnist William Lee talks about how people in crime filled neighborhoods do feel safe in their own homes. He interviews an elderly woman, Dorothy Johnson, who has lived in the Englewood neighborhood for many many years. “People ain’t neighbors no more” Johnson said, talking about the risk that comes with living in this neighborhood and how people are constantly fearing for their lives. Lee also interviewed Taylor, also known as Mama Mary on her block, and how she constantly is calling the cops on suspicious behavior in the areas. throughout the article, you William Lee discusses the troubles that people go through in Englewood and many other neighborhoods across Chicago.

In my opinion, I believe it’s time that we start improving these neighborhoods and making sure that safety is guaranteed not optional. I want the people that live in poor neighborhoods to at least fee safe in the area that they live in.

To read more about this subject, check the article by William Lee in the Chicago Tribune:


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