Cubs come back, force a Game 7


In an article in the Chicago Tribune, former Cub player Luis Gonzalez talked about how much a win would mean for the fans and city of Chicago. For him, every moment, pitch, and hit is “magnified” and multiplied for the Cubs, who haven’t won since 1908. Gonzalez discusses the pressure on the young players, and how they are plays for many generations of Cubs fans. Although he is surprised that it has taken so long for the Cubs to return to the Fall Classic, with so many hall of famers unable to do it before, he is happy that the team is back to where they should be. Chicago is ready for a championship, and the fans could not be more nervous and excited for Game 7 today.

In my opinion, as a Cubs fan this is the most nerve racking moment for me in my life as a sports fan, and I hope that the Cubs can pull off this historic comeback, becoming the first team to comeback from 3-1 and win a Series since the 1985 Royals. I will be watching this game with tremendous excitement, hoping the Cubs can end the longest drought in sports history.

To read more about Louis Gonzalez and the Cubs fans, visit this article.


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