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Shooting forces Oklahoma City Airport to shut down

An airline worker was shot dead at the Oklahoma City airport, causing the airport to be shut down for the day, as reported by NBC News. The area was shut down, and traffic was stopped as airport police tried to find the gunman responsible. The FBI was also called in to find the shooter who killed Michael Winchester, an employee of Southwest Airlines. There were shots fired in the parking lot as well, causing the whole area to shut down. It has been reported that the shooter has been found, which is a huge relief.

I believe that this issue of shootings need to be solved soon, because it is important that people do not live in fear anymore. Airports are supposed to be very safe, so we need to make sure that stuff like this does not happen again.

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Bulls begin west coast trip

After starting of the season 6-4, the bulls travel to Portland to start their 6 game west coast trip, one that has given them trouble in the past. According to KC Johnson, Dwyane Wade, going over .500 is all they want to do. That is the mindset that the bulls enter with according to the guard. They will be facing a Portland team that has one of the best back courts in the NBA in CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard. In terms of injuries, Doug McDermott will not travel with the team, still having issues with the concussion he suffered. After the Trail Blazers, Chicago will travel to Utah to take on the Jazz.

I believe that this game is very important for the bulls, because it is important to start the trip off on the right foot, and start with a victory. This west coast trip can be a very good indicator of where the bulls are as a team and can help them take it to the next level.

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Eric Trump can’t handle the law

Apparently, Eric Trump doesn’t know the basic rules or laws. According to an article in ars technica, Eric Trump tweeted than later deleted a picture of his ballot and his election day ticket. The article talks about how much a silly mistake that was on Trump’s part, seeing that doing such a thing is considered to be illegal in the state of New York. The article also talked about how both Eric and his dad Donald violated ballot secrecy by peering over and seeing who their wives were voting for. Talk about having confidence in your own spouse.

In my opinion, this is just another example of how Trump is not qualified to be the President of the United States. If him and his son don’t know the basic laws of voting, then how are we to┬ábe sure that Trump is good enough to be the leader of the free world.

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Some Chicago neighborhoods don’t feel safe anymore

In an article written in the Chicago Tribune, columnist William Lee talks about how people in crime filled neighborhoods do feel safe in their own homes. He interviews an elderly woman, Dorothy Johnson, who has lived in the Englewood neighborhood for many many years. “People ain’t neighbors no more” Johnson said, talking about the risk that comes with living in this neighborhood and how people are constantly fearing for their lives. Lee also interviewed Taylor, also known as Mama Mary on her block, and how she constantly is calling the cops on suspicious behavior in the areas. throughout the article, you William Lee discusses the troubles that people go through in Englewood and many other neighborhoods across Chicago.

In my opinion, I believe it’s time that we start improving these neighborhoods and making sure that safety is guaranteed not optional. I want the people that live in poor neighborhoods to at least fee safe in the area that they live in.

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Cubs come back, force a Game 7


In an article in the Chicago Tribune, former Cub player Luis Gonzalez talked about how much a win would mean for the fans and city of Chicago. For him, every moment, pitch, and hit is “magnified” and multiplied for the Cubs, who haven’t won since 1908. Gonzalez discusses the pressure on the young players, and how they are plays for many generations of Cubs fans. Although he is surprised that it has taken so long for the Cubs to return to the Fall Classic, with so many hall of famers unable to do it before, he is happy that the team is back to where they should be. Chicago is ready for a championship, and the fans could not be more nervous and excited for Game 7 today.

In my opinion, as a Cubs fan this is the most nerve racking moment for me in my life as a sports fan, and I hope that the Cubs can pull off this historic comeback, becoming the first team to comeback from 3-1 and win a Series since the 1985 Royals. I will be watching this game with tremendous excitement, hoping the Cubs can end the longest drought in sports history.

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